“Giving up is the only sure way to fail.” 

– Gena Showalter

I’ve found that I have an amazing talent for setting myself up for failure. Like many people, I have so many big aspirations and goals, but my laziness prevents me from achieving them. Like yesterday and, almost, today.

This year is like a brand new, shiny toy that I was gifted with by the universe or fate or whatever. I was able to make it another year with little to no baggage, just hope. Maybe my natural sense of pessimism is also a reason, but the voice in my head telling me that I’m going to fail and telling me to never try is starting to irritate me.

But this year was all new for me to start fresh, and I made a reason not to blog and not to do yoga. I have obligations to myself. Wow, my overuse of the word “I” is getting obnoxious.

Laziness. Pessimism. Selfishness.

Those are things that I want to get rid of. Starting now, I will accept mistakes and let go of all of the things holding me back. I don’t want to be the girl that never succeeds because of my self-centered views.

The world is so much bigger than me, and the Universe even bigger than Earth. Everything passes and time is only finite. There’s no time for wallowing in regrets and mistakes. There’s only learning and accepting and moving forward to begin with those life lessons in mind.

I can do this.

I am worthy of becoming the person I so desperately seek to be.


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